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Recent advances of electromagnetic interference shielding Mg matrix materials and their processings: A review
Jia-hao WANG, Rui-zhi WU, Jing FENG, Jing-huai ZHANG, Le-gan HOU, Mei-duo LIU
Die sinter bonding in air using copper formate preform for formation of full-density bondline
Yun-Ju LEE, Jong-Hyun LEE
Fatigue strength and microstructure evaluation of Al 7050 alloy wires recycled by spray forming, extrusion and rotary swaging
Jo?o G. J. de SALVO, Conrado R. M. AFONSO
Recent progress in Mg-Li matrix composites
Yue-hua SUN, Ri-chu WANG, Chao-qun PENG, Yan FENG, Ming YANG
Microstructure and compressive deformation ofhypereutectic Al-Si-Fe based P/M alloys fabricated bysparkplasmasintering
Jewoosoo KIM,Gwang-Seon JANG, Mok-Soon KIM, Jeong-Keun LEE
Fabrication of AZ31 alloy wire by continuous semisolid extrusion process
GUAN Ren-guo(管仁国), ZHAO Zhan-yong(赵占勇), SUN Xiao-ping(孙小平),
HUANG Hong-qian(黄红乾), DAI Chun-guang(戴春光), ZHANG Qiu-sheng(张秋生)
Crushing behavior of lightmass structural member
Kil-Sung LEE, Yong-June YANG, Woo-Chae HWANG, In-Young YANG
Application of phase diagram calculations to development of new ultra-high temperature structural materials
YANG Ying(杨 莹), B.P. Bewlay, CHEN Shuang-lin(陈双林), Y.A. Chang
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