ISSN: 1003-6326
CN: 43-1239/TG

Vol. 30    No. 9    September 2020

Effect of Ni-coated MoS2 on microstructure and tribological properties of (Cu-10Sn)-based composites
Tian-xu QIU1,2, Shi-yan PAN2, Cang FAN1, Xu-fei ZHU3, Xiao-ping SHEN2
(1. School of Materials Science and Engineering, Nanjing University of Science & Technology, Nanjing 210094, China;
2. Engineering Training Center, Nanjing University of Science & Technology, Nanjing 210094, China;
3. Key Laboratory of Soft Chemistry and Functional Materials of Education Ministry of China, Nanjing University of Science & Technology, Nanjing 210094, China
Abstract: The (Cu-10Sn)-Ni-MoS2 composites, prepared by powder metallurgy, were studied for the effects of Ni-coated MoS2 on the microstructure, mechanical properties and lubricating properties. The mechanism of effects of Ni and MoS2 on the properties of composites was analyzed through a comparative experiment by adding Ni and MoS2 separately. The results show that the nickel wrapping around the MoS2 particles decreases the reaction rate of MoS2 with the copper matrix, and greatly improves the bonding of the matrix. The composites with 12 wt.% Ni-coated MoS2 (C12) show the optimum performance including the mechanical properties and tribological behaviors. Under oil lubrication conditions, the friction coefficient is 0.0075 with a pressure of 8 MPa and a linear velocity of 0.25 m/s. The average dry friction coefficient, sliding against 40Cr steel disc, is measured to be 0.1769 when the linear velocity and pressure are 0.25 m/s and 4 MPa, respectively.
Key words: tribology; solid-lubricating; interface bonding; Ni-coated MoS2; (Cu-10Sn)-based composites
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