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The Transactions of Nonferrous Metals Society of China, founded in 1991, superintended by the China Association for Science and Technology, and sponsored by The Nonferrous Metals Society of China, is now published monthly; it mainly contains reports of original research which reflect progress in the field of nonferrous metals science and technology, including mineral processing, extraction metallurgy,with the emphasis on materials science and engineering.

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Research status and quality improvement of wire arc additive manufacturing of metals
Yan-peng LI, Chang-rui WANG, Xiao-dong DU, Wei TIAN, Tao ZHANG, Jun-shan HU, Bo LI, Peng-cheng LI, Wen-he LIAO
Thermodynamic modeling and solidified microstructure of Ag–Sn–Zr ternary system
Yu ZHANG, Biao HU, Yu-chao SHI, Shu-hong LIU, Yong DU, Jie-qiong HU
Reinforcement effect of Mg-Al-Zn ternary IMC on MB8/2024 joints with Al/Zn/Cu/Zn multi-interlayer via ultrasonic-assisted brazing
Jie LI, Lei SHI, Yi-nan LI, Tao-shuai ZHOU, Zi-jing YU, Hong-chang ZHANG, Zi-long PENG, Shu-wen MIAO, Jian-guo GAO, Zhao-fang SU
A review on theory, modeling, inversion, and application of self-potential in marine mineral exploration
Jing XIE, Yi-an CUI, Jian-xin LIU, You-jun GUO, Li-juan ZHANG, Yi-jian LUO, Peng-fei ZHANG
Effect of oxygen and sodium sulfide on flotation of cuprite and its modification mechanism
Xiao-dong JIA, Kai-wei SONG, Jin-peng CAI, Chao SU, Xiao-hui XU, Yin-yu MA, Pei-lun SHEN, Dian-wen LIU
Hydrodynamic simulation of metal droplet settlement in molten slag
Qin-meng WANG, Ming-xing HUANG, Shu-yang YAN, Song-song WANG, Qing-hua TIAN, Xue-yi GUO
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